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GCSE Maths Exam Paper 1 (2024) - Answers

The grade boundaries and answers for the GCSE Math Exam Paper 1 (2024) can both be found below. Use this as a great opportunity to understand what grade you are working at and how confident you feel. If there were any question(s) that you were unable to answer, do not jump straight away to the answers, and instead revisit the Maths Target lesson(s) that you believe will help you to answer the questions. This will help you to understand where you went wrong and better prepare you for your GCSE math exams by remembering the concept(s) and/or method(s) taught in the lesson(s). Practice makes perfect!

Grade Boundaries - Exam Paper 1 (2024)

The grade boundaries for the GCSE Math Exam Paper 1 (2024) can be found in the table below. Please bear in mind, these grade boundaries provide a guide on the grade you are working at for this exam paper and do not necessary reflect your overall grade. Remember, there are three GCSE math exams and you could be working at a different grade once you have added up your marks together. 

34 - 40
31 - 33
29 - 30
24 - 28
21 - 23
15 - 20
12 - 14
7 - 11
1 - 6

Answers - Exam Paper 1 (2024)

The answers for the GCSE Math Exam Paper 1 (2024) can be found in the booklet below. Check your answers against the mark scheme to see where you have gained marks and/or lost marks. For some questions, there may be more than one way to solve the question. Therefore, use this as a learning opportunity to understand how you can solve the same question using another method, which may be quicker and/or easier for you to interpret. Finally, look closely where the marks are awarded and learn how you can exceed your Maths Target.

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