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Who is Maths Target?

Maths Target is a modern and innovative educational organisation, specialising in the area of GCSE mathematics. Over 20 GCSE maths lessons and exam papers have been developed by extensively studying numerous GCSE maths exam board curriculums, such as AQA, Edexcel and OCR. As a result, each lesson covers a broad range of topics and questions young individuals may encounter in their GCSE maths exams.

Maths Target have carefully planned and placed each of their lessons in their curriculum, so that young individuals will feel confident in the next lesson and not encounter topic(s) they have not covered before. Therefore, building a strong foundation and taking away one of the main reasons why young individuals struggle with their GCSE mathematics.

The video below explains in more detail the successful teaching style and structure of Maths Target lessons, which is helping young individuals to exceed their GCSE Maths Target.

Explore what we offer

We recommend you have a look at the free math lesson 9 on Factorising to better understand the level of depth and range each of the GCSE Maths Target lessons goes into. In addition to the practice and exam style questions that test your understanding for each lesson.

Also, free access has been provided to 2 very unique and interactive exam papers specifically developed for Maths Target. These help to consolidate the knowledge acquired from the lessons and effectively prepare young individuals for their GCSE maths exams. For each of the exam papers, detailed answers and comments are supplied, as well as which of the Maths Target lesson(s) they should revisit to help them answer the question(s), if they got stuck.

GCSE Maths Target Glossary

Maths Target have also created a useful Glossary page to help you explore in more detail the subjects that are covered in each of the GCSE maths lessons. This is a great place to find topics that you would like to learn more about and quickly navigate to the correct lesson.

Why Join Maths Target?

Competitively priced set of lessons and exam papers that shape strong independent learning skills, which will be essential in whichever subjects young individuals choose to study in their prospering future. For the same price of 1 hour of maths tuition, you will have over 600 hours of access to all of the Maths Target lessons and exam papers. Allowing young individuals to learn at their own pace and not feel under pressure to squeeze all of their learning into just 1 hour.   

(Assuming the average price of 1 hour of mathematics tuition costs £24.99.)

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